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May 30, 2005

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Revenge of the Frou


Garden State was a solid movie, but its chief virtue was probably that it introduced the world to Frou Frou.

Now the voice of the Frou, Imogen Heap, is back with two new songs in advance of a new album.

iTunes: Hide and Seek. Goodnight and Go.

You can actually skip the first one; it’s got a cool robo-choral sound in parts, but is mostly forgettable otherwise. “Goodnight and Go,” on the other hand, is awesome: It sounds exactly like all the old songs. Which is, frankly, exactly what’s needed at this point.

Posted May 30, 2005 at 10:19 | Comments (1) | Permasnark
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Actually, I think Imogen Heaps' song "Hide and Seek" is wonderful! It definitely deserves a listen. It is amazing, especially after looking at its to get the full effect of it. Also, the video for the song beautiful in its simplicity. Everyone should check it out.

Imogen is GREAT!

Posted by: Donny on August 9, 2007 at 12:06 AM
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