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May 30, 2005

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No Seriously... Can We Get One of These in San Francisco?

Oh great. GREAT.

Now thanks to Rex and Chuck Olsen, Minneapolis (!) has a kick-ass comprehensive what’s-going-on-around-town site powered by RSS blog-juice.

Thus spake Sorgatz:

It’s a few things, yet it’s also something very simple: a one-site stop for Twin Cities conversations about culture, media, politics, and entertainment.’s primary function is to answer these two questions:

1) What are people in the Twin Cities talking about today?

2) What is going on around town tonight?

Check out the rest of his very cool articulation of what they’re up to with the site.

I’m not super-into the name — “MNspeak”? — but whatevs, it could be called and I’d still want one for San Francisco if it did what this site purports to do.

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