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September 28, 2004

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Who Will Vote?

So whenever someone asks me “Robin, who will win the election??” (and believe me… there is no one better to ask) I say something like: “Kerry, because it’s all going to come down to who votes in Ohio (and, okay, Florida and Pennsylvania) and the Democrats will get more people to come to the polls than the Republicans.”

I base this certitude mostly on the fact that my friend Jim Secreto is on the ground with the Kerry campaign in Ohio. And come on, Jim ran for and won the senior class presidency at Troy Athens High School. This deal is sealed, dudes.

But now there is some slightly more reliable verification, via New Donkey:

On the front page of the Sunday NYT, Ford Fessenden reports on a Times study of registration numbers in the two most crucial battleground states, Ohio and Florida. And it confirms two things I’ve felt strongly about, but had little more than anecdotal evidence to support: (1) this is going to be a high-turnout election (which in itself is helpful to Democrats), and (2) Democrats are way, way ahead in the ground game.
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If "polls" and "ground game" actually meant anything, Howard Dean would have spoken on Thursday night of the Democratic conventions instead of ... when did he speak anyway? Monday afternoon? The week before the conventions? Sad.

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