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April 18, 2007

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Virginia Tech, and Taking Control of Your Representation

A Virginia Tech student named Jason Piatt just looks into his webcam and talks:

I guess the internet’s a pretty powerful thing… I didn’t realize how many people are really on Facebook and MySpace and all that, but all day long people have been sending me emails, messages, and everything… “I wanna do this interview, I wanna do this interview.”

At first it was kinda exciting because I felt like people really care about what I have to say out there… I’m doing somebody some good, I’m making a difference. And then after a while I realized, like, no matter how many times I told the same story, that I just told you… people still wanted to hear it.

And I would tell ‘em, I’d say, I don’t have anything, you watch CNN right? You see these other things… that’s all I got.

Fix an image of the standard cable news presentation in your mind — helicopter shot, yammering voices, text crawl — and then watch this. It’s riveting.

Update: This is on Current TV now. Here’s the broadcast version (a little tighter).

Related: This Ypulse post is fascinating. A Facebook group created as a memorial to one of the VA Tech victims leads with this warning:


NEWS MEDIA DO NOT have permission to use photographs, quotes, or any information from the site, AND you do not have permission to contact group members.

Wow. There’s something important going on here.

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Wow. Yeah, interesting.

Posted by: Taylor on April 18, 2007 at 11:29 AM

I definitely found the Fox News advertisements on Facebook upsetting.

I did not hear about that! Do you have any scathing links?

I read in the online papers:
Cho Seung Hui: Was declared an "imminent danger" by a sychiatric hospital
where he spent some time. A teacher of his warned the University about the
peril of his classmates due to Hui's unstable behavior. His roomates did
not found odd that he was the killer because he "despised the university
life" and frequently said he would "do something about it".
In his video sent to NBC he says: "You had a hundred billion chances and
ways to have avoided today".
Seems that News Pregnancy was formed many years ago, the system and the
people around it failed to detect it in spite of all the signals.
Unfortunately, News Pregnancy, the invisible process of news gestation, has a last, tragic, insane example.

Posted by: fpaulsen on April 18, 2007 at 08:02 PM

Re: Fox News Facebook ads, it wasn't that obtrusive, but there was a "sponsored" link in my Facebook news feed for about 48 hours telling me to go to the Fox website for complete coverage of the tragedy. Just seemed really crass to me.

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