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March 19, 2005

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2005 National Mag Award Finalists

All right, just like last year, here’s all the 2005 National Magazine Award finalists I could find online. Excerpts or articles behind subscription walls are in brackets (I’m not sure if all the Atlantic articles I bracketed are actually behind subscription walls; but I figured it was safer to assume, so try them even if you’re not a subscriber.)

Vanity Fair was a strong contender in the awards this year, but puts none of its content online. (At least NMA-nominated columnist James Woolcott has a blog now.) If not for The New Yorker winning 10 nods and putting most of its content online, this list would be pretty useless. In fact, I didn’t include the Photo Essay category, because The New Yorker’s entry, “Democracy 2004” by Richard Avedon, is the only one available online.

If you come across anything I missed, add it in the comments!


Golf Digest:
- The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Buddies Trip

National Geographic Adventure:
- [ Grail Trails ]

O, The Oprah Magazine:
- Attention Shoppers!

Runner’s World:
- Fall Shoe Guide and Winter Shoe Guide

Sports Illustrated:
- [ 2004 Olympic Preview - Parts 1 , 2 ]


5280 Magazine:
- Conduct Unbecoming

The Chronicle of Higher Education:
- Degrees of Suspicion: Inside the Multimillion-Dollar World of Diploma Mills
- Special Report on Plagiarism

National Geographic Adventure:
- [ Stomping Grounds ]

The New Yorker:
- Dying in Darfur


5280 Magazine:
- Private Stites Should Have Been Saved

- [ Why We’re Losing the War on Cancer (and How to Win It) ]

Harper’s Magazine:
- Gambling with Abortion: Why Both Sides Think They Have Everything to Lose

The New Yorker:
- Torture at Abu Ghraib
- Chain of Command
- The Gray Zone

San Francisco:
- Innocence Lost


The Atlantic Monthly:
- [ A Sea Story ]

- [ Home ]

- The Wronged Man

Texas Monthly:
- They Came. They Sawed (Part 2)1

Vanity Fair:
- American Communion


The New Yorker:
- The Gift

Rolling Stone:
- The Twilight of Bob Guccione2

Sports Illustrated:
- Walking His Life Away

Vanity Fair:
- The Man Who Loved Grizzlies
- The Making of a Sniper


The Atlantic Monthly:
- [ How Serfdom Saved the Women’s Movement ]

- [ Please Stand By While the Age of Miracles Is Briefly Suspended ]

- Between a Woman and Her Doctor

National Geographic:
- [ Was Darwin Wrong? ]

The New Yorker:
- Last of the Metrozoids


National Journal:
- [ On Same-Sex Marriage, Bush Failed the Public and Himself ]
- Fix the McCain-Feingold Law. Oops—Can I Say That?
- [ Good Plan, Republicans. But It Didn’t Work In Britain ]

The New Yorker:
- Wars and Ideas
- The Political War
- Questions of Greatness

- The Wrong Diagnosis
- How Greedy Was My Valley
- What Goes Up…

Vanity Fair:
- A Prayer for Indonesia
- I Fought the Law
- The Gospel According to Mel
- The Bush Bunch
- Color Me Khaki
- Rummy on the Rocks


- The Restaurant Commandments
- The Thing That Ate New York
- Stick a Fork in Jean-Georges

The New Republic:
- [ Beyond Belief ]
- [ Firings ]
- [ Modern Immaturity ]

The New Yorker:
- Times Regained
- The Big One
- Will Power
- Bad Comma
- Nanook and Me
- The Unpolitical Animal

Vanity Fair:
- Makeover Madness
- The Laptop Brigade
- Bland Ambition


The Atlantic Monthly:
- [ An Incomplete Map of the Northern Polarity ]
- [ Foaling Season ]
- [ The One in White ]

Harper’s Magazine:
- Natasha
- Commission
- Introduction to Speech

The New Yorker:
- The Last Words on Earth
- Passion
- Old Boys, Old Girls

The Paris Review:
- The Fifth Wall
- The Wamsutter Wolf
- Everyone Else

The Virginia Quarterly Review:
- The Immortals
- Happy
- The Futurist

1 This is a link to the Google cache of the incomplete article, so it is a) unsatisfying and b) a likely candidate for link rot. Sad.
2 The N.M.A. finalist was an April article in Rolling Stone entitled “The Triumph of Bob Guccione,” written by John Colapinto. This appears to be an April article from The Independent entitled “The Triumph of Bob Guccione,” written by John Colapinto. I’m assuming the Indy reprinted the RS article.

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Recommendation: "The Last Words on Earth" from the Fiction entries. The pain of memory, an old man's struggle with regret, a cliche-free approach to the Holocaust survivor story. Perfect for reading on a lonely, rainy afternoon.

Posted by: Matt on March 20, 2005 at 09:43 PM

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