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February 23, 2008

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Is Etsy the Next Google?

Haven’t even really processed this yet, but I like the boldness of the idea enough to pass it along: Is Etsy the next Google?

I will say I’ve heard more organic buzz about Etsy than any other company in the last several months — from real people, not tech-nerd blogs — and it’s only accelerated lately.

Update: Jason Kottke thinks “Is X the Next Google?” headlines are dumb, and he is probably right. However, as part of the proud tradition of Google-based hyperbole mining, I have a soft spot for them.

Update: “Hyperbole mining”? I don’t even really know what that means — it’s just the phrase that occurred to me, and it seemed right.

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Umair at Bubgen's take on Etsy-as-Google isn't about "which company will become the next tech giant/become a verb/have an IPO that will blow your mind/use its information algorithms to gobble up companies and dominate the world" which is usually what people talk about when they talk about "the next Google." It fits with his whole theme of "unlocking value," where Etsy is something like the next paradigm shift in the way a tech company can unlock latent value in the world. And on that score, and as a new kind of exemplar, it's persuasive.

So maybe what we need to do, pace Kottke, is start rethinking about what it would mean to be "the next Google." Or whether "the next Google," as headline-grabbing as it is, is just too fraught with contradictory meanings to really be a good hyperbole-miner. I mean, come on. That's so 2004.

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