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May 7, 2006

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Fictional Futures

Holy crud. It’s one thing to have your mind blown… it’s another to have it blown again and again in a kind of rapid combustion cycle. That’s what Matt Webb’s presentation on cool ideas from science fiction just did to mine.

(Matt Webb is, incidentally, one of the guys who wrote Mind Hacks.)

If you don’t take the time to click through his presentation, at least check out Catalhoyuk, the ancient city with no streets where people got around by walking across roofs and climbing down chimneys.

Also, there’s a web site track your personal light cone — the reach of the photons reflected off of earth on the day you were born. Mine passed the star Chi Draconis six weeks ago. Whoah.

But seriously, just click through his presentation, cuz it’s amazing.

P.S. Okay, one more: Here’s a wall chart of all the biochemical processes on earth. Just, you know, for reference.

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I really dig the light cone thing.

And now I think I'm going to write some sort of web tool to track the reach of all the futons produced on the day that I was born.

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