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July 27, 2009

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Today and Tomorrow: SECRETS REVEALED!!

So, at this point you know that I really, really like today and tomorrow. I feel like this is sorta my prototypical t&t link: presented without comment, and mostly just awed that he found it in the first place. That’s what’s most impressive to me about the blog: I see stuff there that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Sometimes I get the feeling t&t is plugged into some other internet—some other, cooler internet.

Anyway, when I noticed that the blog was celebrating its fourth anniversary, I thought it might be a good occasion to coax Pieter, its proprietor, into giving me the password to his secret web.

(Snarkmarket) You live in Berlin; what do you do there? What kind of things do you work on besides today and tomorrow?

(today and tomorrow) I work in the digital department of an advertising agency. today and tomorrow started as my personal visual bookmarks, which it actually still is. Somehow I want to add a few items a day, so I have to invest quite some time finding them. And Berlin is a great city to spend the rest of my spare time.

My reaction to a today and tomorrow post is basically always the same: “Where did he find this??” So… where do you find it all? Is it simply from scouring other blogs? Are there any aggregators that you find useful? Any other go-to sources?

There are five sources for my content: my feedreader, bookmarks, browsing, emails, and offline.

When I find something on another blog, I mention it at the bottom of the post. So you should be able to recreate my feedreader pretty fast. And I can tell you, it’s a very full feedreader.

I scroll really fast through my feeds, so if the title and the visual of an item don’t catch my eye in second, it’s gone. Most feeds are blogs, mixed with some news sites and even feeds from artists, architects, designers… I’m always disappointed when a good website doesn’t have a feed.

Of course I still have a few bookmarks.

But some items I just find by browsing and searching the internet, or even offline…

I receive a lot of emails; I can’t even reply to all of them anymore. But only a few of them make it on today and tomorrow. Strangely, I like it better when I find things myself.

I don’t like aggregators anymore, especially those where everyone can post. It’s not really cool to reblog your posts on those sites just to get some traffic to yours.

Some of my favorites:

Building on that last question: I feel like I see art on today and tomorrow that I don’t see anywhere else. Where do you find it, and what’s your personal filter for new art? Do you look for things that are creating buzz in the art world? Things that are just visually arresting? Something else entirely?

I visit a lot of websites of art galleries and there you can find the new and unknown artists. When I find an artist that I like, I google them and get to the next page where I find another interesting artist… and so on.

The filter is a very easy one: me. If the work doesn’t catch me in second…

I never add something because there is a buzz around it, but it’s possible that I found them because there was a buzz around them.

I guess you can tell that most of it is very visual work, I probably miss out on a lot of good work because I don’t take the time for it. Others are about the material used, like kinetic sculptures made with ferro-fluids.

today and tomorrow is not an art or design news blog, otherwise I would cover anything what’s going. today and tomorrow is a reflection of my personal taste.

* * *

Thanks and congrats on four years, Pieter. Two more t&t links, because I just can’t seem to stop: whoah and whoah!

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