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February 20, 2009

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The Futurist Manifesto

The Futurist Manifesto was published 100 years ago today.

That’s 100 years of being angry that these jerks claimed and corrupted the word “futurist.”

Posted February 20, 2009 at 10:00 | Comments (5) | Permasnark
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I love the Futurist manifesto. And of all people, Marinetti would lay no exclusive claim on the word:

"The oldest among us are not yet thirty years old: we have therefore at least ten years to accomplish our task. When we are forty let younger and stronger men than we throw us in the waste paper basket like useless manuscripts!" --FTM, "TFM"

Easy for him to say!

Like taking off an undershirt, all gross and sweaty, and saying, "no, it's cool, you can wear it now."

Well, can't you be a superfuturist or something?

The futurist profession at large has settled on "forecaster." Sigh.

And sure, those Italians were fascist and creepy, but what about the Russians? I think you'd like Mayakovsky:

Were I
like the ocean of oceans little,
on the tiptoes of waves I’d rise,
I’d strain, a tide, to caress the moon.
Where to find someone to love
of my size,
the sky too small for her to fit in?

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