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October 4, 2005

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Shopping in the Museum

I love this advice on how to actually enjoy art museums over at Marginal Revolution!

At the Detroit Institute of Arts I often played the “pick your favorite painting (or sculpture, suit of armor, etc.) in this room” game, and it’s true, it totally improves the experience.

In the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg a friend and I tried to guess each others’ favorites in each room — also fun.

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i totally won that game, for the record. :]

Posted by: laura Portwood-Stacer on October 4, 2005 at 08:30 PM

Key to my enjoyment of art is making a habit of going to galleries regularly, getting back in tune with my moods and tastes. I've found whenever I visit a city and schedule a day to check out some big exhibit at a gallery there, it doesn't do much for me. But if I make a point of seeking out art a few times a month, making it a relaxing afternoon instead of a tourist trip, it's much easier for the works to wend their way into my mind. In Fresno, I joined the rest of the city's art-lovers at the monthly ArtHop, and images of Brianna Johnson's gorgeous paintings are still etched in my head. My last spring in Boston, I found myself seeking out showings in galleries and coffee shops whenever I could, working my way up to an exhibit of Piet Mondrian's Transatlantic paintings, which stunned me.

The one thing I haven't figured out is when it helps to know a lot about an artist and when it helps to know nothing. There are some artists whose works I think I've appreciated a lot more for coming to them fresh, and vice-versa.

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