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April 11, 2009

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Paris Proof

Angela at AdRants blogged the heck out of my session at ad:Tech Paris on Monday — complete with video!

My part of the session was basically my mini-manifesto for the future of advertising, disguised as a look back from ad:Tech 2019. (I don’t know how to tell a story any other way, apparently.) Angela’s video snippets are a chance to see Prezi in action, if you haven’t yet. And watch the first one around 1:10 for a sneak peek of Apple’s breakthrough product in 2011.

Unfortunately, no blog posts have yet been produced chronicling the baguette-eating and boulevard-wandering that has followed.

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Arpegian posed all questions in French; Sloan and Katz wore magic insta-translating devices that enabled them to respond in English without missing a beat. It was so "Star Trek."


"Apple iGlasses" huh? Doesn't that sound familiar.

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