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July 28, 2009

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'Maybe Media Won't Be a Job At All'

Aha! Chris Anderson is in sync with Matt Penniman here at Snarkmarket: In the future, fun work could mean free work. Specifically, he says:

In the past, the media was a full-time job. But maybe the media is going to be a part-time job. Maybe media won’t be a job at all, but will instead be a hobby.

Backing up, I love how Anderson comes into this Spiegel interview with guns-ablazing:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Anderson, let’s talk about the future of journalism.

Anderson: This is going to be a very annoying interview. I don’t use the word journalism.

SPIEGEL: Okay, how about newspapers? They are in deep trouble both in the United States and worldwide.

Anderson: Sorry, I don’t use the word media. I don’t use the word news. I don’t think that those words mean anything anymore. They defined publishing in the 20th century. Today, they are a barrier. They are standing in our way, like a horseless carriage.

SPIEGEL: Which other words would you use?

Anderson: There are no other words.

Awesome! (Update: Apparently I am the only one who thought this was awesome. That’s OK.)

There’s a great comment thread growing out of Matt’s fun-is-free post—it’s worth checking in.

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Robin swears that if I go read this interview, Chris Anderson is going to talk about some interesting things. But I have to say, from the blockquote above, the only illumination I got from Anderson is that he's a dick in an interview.

What Andrew said.

They don't use words at all at Wired anymore. It's all legos.

And, um, yeah.

Sort of reminds me of this.

Posted by: Brandon on July 28, 2009 at 02:39 PM

Apparently not everyone was as tickled by Anderson's linguistic stubbornness as I was. :-)

I'm being Snarky, but I kinda liked it, too. You also pick up that the interviewer can't quite tell whether to be tickled or exasperated.

Really, I'm just upset that I got scooped on a Der Spiegel story. That's usually my beat! ;-)

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