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June 7, 2006

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If Your Comments Don't Auto-Publish ....

… this might be a reason. We’ve set up Snarkmarket so comments on posts older than 5 days ago automatically head to moderation before they’re published. This has cut waaaay back on the amount of spam that’s published (unpublishing spam after it already goes through is a pain, requiring copious rebuilding of templates). I just junked about 500 messages on old posts, 99.5% of which were spam. Four of those comments, however, were legit, and I’m calling ‘em out here, ‘cause Recent Holla won’t get ‘em.

1) “Peak Oil News” weighs in on Robin’s post about peak oil.
2) ScientistPeter fears Gore docu disappointment.
3) Peter on subscription produce.
4) Peter fears he’s been blacklisted from Snarkmarket.

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Yeah. So if you INSIST on making thoughtful comments that exceed the original post in insight & value (*ahem*Peter*ahem*) you best do it QUICK.

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