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August 24, 2009

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Error-Code Poetry

I just subscribed to Jamais Cascio’s future-y blog on Fast Company and in the subhed of the Google Reader subscribe page, it said:

The taxonomy view with a depth of 0.

That’s just a bit of exposed CMS-speak, but hmm. It seems resonant somehow.

Hari Seldon, speaking to students across a glowing touch-table covered with flickering blue-green graphs: “But to predict future events, you must apply the taxonomy view.” He swipes his thumb and the graphs rotate.

A student pipes up. Linus, the eager one: “But at what depth, Master Seldon? Three-hundred? Three-thousand?”

“No, no, no.” Seldon smiles. “The depth… is zero.”

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I like this imagined vignette so much.

Roland Barthes wrote a book called Writing Degree Zero. The degree zero of writing for Barthes is a style that's almost an anti-style, like Camus's The Stranger -- flattened-out prose that achieves its own peculiar resonance, because it's so ordinary.

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