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July 27, 2009

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Disney Double-Vision

Wow. Re-used animations in Disney movies, intercut to make the duplication clear. I can’t tell if it was corner-cutting or homage. Maybe a bit of both? (Via things.)

Posted July 27, 2009 at 4:14 | Comments (5) | Permasnark
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From what I know about animation, I'd say it's mostly corner-cutting and a maybe a little bit homage. Some of these scenes were directed in a way that would allow the reuse of old animation in order to save time & money.

Yeah, I agree. In particular, you see a few scenes in these late Disney movies that reuse the same animation within the same film. Nothing homage-y about that.

Could it also be a way of creating consistent character markers? The characters (say, Maid Marion & Snow White) share certain traits (graciousness, sweetness, innocent joy) and the scenes are not dissimilar. (I don't actually recognize all these movies, so I might be over extrapolating.) When you don't have a human being who's consciously inhabiting a character with a lifetime of body tics and mannerisms, *especially in dance*, capturing and repeating gesture might be a short cut-not quite the same as cost-cutting.

I say this as a dormant dancer in a tradition that relies heavily on repetitive use of signature gestures to demarcate rapid changes of character. It makes sense that once you had moody gestures mastered for your character in one scene, you'd want to repeat those motions in another.

Totally! While I have the sinking feeling that Tim & Bryan are right, and it's just repetition for economy's sake, I want it to be the kind of symbolism you're talking about, Saheli.

I think of manga and anime, and all the expressive codes they use -- lots of repeated imagery & motion. (Although, er, I guess a lot of that was for economy's sake, too.)

I'm an animator and I can assure you it's strictly cost-cutting. Re-use (showing the same scene again, with no changes) or cycles (repeating a series of drawings in a loop) are similar ways to shave expenses.

They wouldn't do this at Pixar, but I work in television and we have a library of stock animation we can borrow from which is accumulated throughout a season of each show. Sometimes it makes sense to not reinvent the wheel.

Posted by: Matthew on July 30, 2009 at 01:49 PM
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