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August 27, 2009

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D is for Digitize

I’m going to be on a panel at the D is for Digitize conference put on by James Grimmelman and New York Law School in October. It’s keyed to the Google Book Search settlement—which is far from settled:

Everything about the Google Book Search project is larger than life, from Google’s audacious plan to digitize every book ever published to the gigantic class action settlement now awaiting court approval. The groundbreaking proposed settlement in the Google Book Search case is so complex that controversy has outpaced conversation and questions have outnumbered answers.

We aim to help close these gaps.

I’m going to study up on the settlement between now and then, and I’ll share as I go. First order of business is the under-publicized but super-interesting research corpus clause.

However, I should note that I was invited not on the basis of my legal scholarship… not for my media futurism… but because of a short story. Pretty cool!

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I knew, KNEW, that there was no future in either scholarship, or media futurism.

All the job security is in writing short fiction for people on the internet.

But you don't do it because of the flashy conferences. No.

You do it because of the love. Because something in you says - screams - that you have to read a lot of boring stuff and annotate it.

That you know leather on tweed is the sexiest leather of all.

That otherwise, nobody will listen when you start talking about Saint Anselm, fisting, and Lacan.

Because your bag is too heavy to have a real job.

Because you don't know what else to do.

Loved the story, was a bit wild at times but otherwise a great read. :)

And congrats on your achievement, opportunities arise for those who seek them.

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