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September 7, 2009

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The Popular vs. the Acclaimed

Great, great, great AskMeFi thread: In the art forms you are experienced or well versed in, what kinds of stuff is notorious for being only liked by the experts, and what kinds of stuff is notorious for only being liked by less experienced or educated casual consumers?

Examples of artists (or works of art) beloved almost exclusively by other artists in their domain include Rothko, Linux, Cloud Gate, Yasujirō Ozu, Ernie Bushmiller, Rush, the screenplay “BALLS OUT” (pdf) and Paranoia Agent.

There are also some fun minor art-snob arguments, and mini-digressions on the nature of taste. As well as a terrific New Yorker essay I never read about the appeal of Charles Bukowski.

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Not to contradict your point, but since April, BALLS OUT has been downloaded over 14,000 times, with the vast majority of people responding positively. It's true that many of our A-List and A-List-Adjacent fellow writers have loved the meta elements of our screenplay. However, even the average reader who has little or no comprehension of the subversive underpinnings of our epic work of uncompromising genius has been able to enjoy the script for what it is on the surface: a familiar yet hella-funny story that is simply hella-funny.

(Full disclosure: my mom HATED this screenplay. FULL ON 'EFFING HATED IT.)

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