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The Last Hours of @MayorEmanuel

As a follow-up to my earlier compilation, “The Two Mayors,” here is the stunning conclusion to the story of @MayorEmanuel. He won the election and as predicted by Mayor Daley, vanished into a time vortex in order to save the multiverse.

I’ve also been boning up on my @MayorEmanuel backstory, and man, it is totally batshit in the best possible way. There are layers and layers to this thing that I couldn’t even guess at, and a few I’m probably still missing. In short, the anonymous author(s) of the thread have been building towards this science-fiction/comic-book resolution of the story for a while now, first planting the seeds months ago, then grinding them up like fine celery salt.

You can read a quick-and-dirty PDF of all of @MayorEmanuel’s tweets here, assembled by @najuu (h/t Carla Casilli). I’m not Storifying the whole thing, because 1) Twitter’s archives have a hard time going back that far in the Storify interface and 2) even if they did, I’m not stupid. But I would like to do my small part to gather the limbs of Osiris just here at the end. Enjoy.


Sarah says…

Nicely done, Tim. It really was a fabulous Twitter event–and the sense of loss when @MayorEmanuel slips into the vortex! It makes your Elijah touch at the end of this exactly right. Thank you.

This is brilliance. Twitter satire at its best!

Thanks for putting both of these posts together Tim. Great work.

It certainly doesn’t bode well for the Writers Guild, but when a fictional character can combine pop-culture, politics, sci-fi, and the f-bomb in such an entertaining shell, we all win. I can’t wait to see the continuing evolution of (anonymously produced) fictional and semi-fictional character entertainment.


mike says…

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