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The Man Who Pitched Ground Balls

Greg Maddux is retiring, after 355 wins, four Cy Young awards for pitching, and 18 (!) Gold Glove awards for fielding. (Maddux has more wins than any living pitcher; does he have more Gold Gloves than any living player?)

The NYT story also links to this appreciation by sportswriter Joe Posnaski, who breaks down Maddux pitch-by-pitch in a 1997 Braves-Yankees game. I especially like his reading of Maddux’s fluttering “wiffleball” cut fastball; the way Maddux earned and got deferential treatment from umps; how three pitches strikes out Tino Martinez, who “was so baffled during this at-bat it was probably better to just send him back to the dugout where it was safe”; and how he managed to retire Mark Whiten:

When Maddux was going good, the only way anyone seemed likely to get a hit off him was if they could somehow fist his up-and-in fastball over an infielder


Answer to the Gold Glove question: Maddux’s 18 is the most ever at any position by any player living or dead; more than Pudge Rodriguez, Brooks Robinson, or Roberto Clemente.

Whoah. First sports post… ever? at Snarkmarket?

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

You blogged about the Red Sox-Yankees series… um, four years ago.

Yeah, but I filed it under ‘Society/Culture’ as camouflage 😉

And the NCAA tourney, same year. (Still love that decision tree.)

So election years = sports years, apparently.

grover says…

Pos is one of the greatest sportswriters around.

PoN says…

I don’t think I’ve ever watched any sporting event with that kind of observational intensity. I’m impressed.

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