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December 7, 2004

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Link Dumper (or) Apollyon's Cruel Laugh


I was just looking at Snarkmarket’s traffic stats, and noticed that one of our top referrers, or pages from which people come here, is currently

And dude: This is where you buy the program that spams blogs.

It’s called Link Dumper, and I feel like I’ve just looked into the Eye of Sauron.

Check out the description:

Spread your sites into the farest reaches of the internet! Link Dumper is an amazingly powerful little WIndows tool that you can input site name, URL, and description into, which it then automatically inserts into open “linkdump” sites all over the internet. Linkdump is a term for sites that allow people to contribute links which are then instantly shared with thousands of people, and they have become very popular during the last 6 months. This really is the perfect way to start a site, as linkdump surfers are of the kind to further spread (over e-mail, forums, linkdumps, et cetera) URLs they find interesting, shocking, pornographic, or funny.

Gahhh! It’s so offensive in its blithe practicality!

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You fool of a Took!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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