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December 9, 2004

<< The Frontier of Sociolinguistics | Conversion Therapy >> Lays It Down, the sweet entertainment site coded by the Anakin Skywalker of online journalism*, Adrian Holovaty, re-launched recently with some new features. I love the site’s pitch for RSS:

Web feeds (RSS)

We’ve added web feeds (a.k.a. RSS feeds) to many of our site’s pages — including best bets, MP3s, blogs, venues and bands. This is full-blown computer geek orgasm-type stuff. It’s incredibly useful, and, in a few years, it’ll be all the rage among today’s AOL users. Be the first among your friends to really “get it” — try RSS now! For full information, check out our RSS page.

*I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, it just sounded right

The site has a longer tutorial, too, aptly titled: “WTF is RSS?”

Which reminds me: Snarkmarket has an RSS feed! Subscribe to it, dawg!

May I say, in closing, that I wish there was a for every city in the U.S.? It would be to bars, restaurants, and local bands what craigslist is to jobs, apartments, and lonely dudes.

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Thanks for the nice words! :) Just last night we launched another new feature -- persistent search.

Well, you've just made it to LiveJournal with that feed. Admittedly, I'm currently the only person reading it, but still…

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