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February 23, 2005

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You Gotta Be Good, You Gotta Be Strong


So I went to WIRED’s Rave Awards last night. Oh, wait, did I say “went to”? I meant “rocked out VIP-style (balcony access, suckas!) at.”

But only because gave me a ticket. (Thanks, Rex!) He was nominated for best blogger, but the big winner was Kevin Sites, who apparently “reported” from “Iraq.” Whatever. Rex has a TiVo.

At the awards I met Xeni Jardin, who is perhaps not actually famous but certainly nerd-famous.

I also met John Vars, who’s part of the small team behind Dogster and Catster. Note that these sites appear to actually be better-designed and more useful than, say, Friendster. Also note the dog diaries. Written… in… first… person.

At the awards, I did not meet SFist, which is probably a good thing because I might have enthused embarrassingly about my organic booty. (Parse that however you like.)

Entertainment was provided by neo-hippie symphonic rock collective The Polyphonic Spree. They are pictured, fuzzily, above. If you don’t know the P-S you should check out their music (here’s a bizarre but wonderful introduction); it is described (both positively and negatively) as “happy-clappy” and I like it. In measured doses.

Two more pictures after the jump. Because I am the citizen journalist of rock!



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Well, you did not meet me because I wasn't in the "VIP" lounge. Though I was tempted to just rush the guard with eight people. It would have been fun to get pictures of the expression on the faces of all the angry nerds. "Who are these non-VIPs in our midst? Somebody do something! Security! Security!"

just a note:

Robin's ultra-cool sister, Lily, heard the Polyphonic Spree first and downloaded it from itunes for her dad's last birthday....LAST YEAR! so there. :P

Posted by: Lily Sloan on February 24, 2005 at 06:58 PM

Ooh! I didn't know you were a fan. Very cool, and cultlike, Have you heard their 2002 SXSW concert? It is the absolute bomb dig. If you can't find it via legal routes, I'd be happy to slip it to you. It is pure sunshine.

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