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August 11, 2007

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'Titrating Anxiety'

Have not finished this weekend’s NYT Mag article on marriage counseling, so do not know if it’s recommendation-worthy, but I do know that I liked this paragraph enough to blog it immediately:

One of her basic tasks, she told me, is “titrating anxiety,” challenging people enough so that they’ll feel the pressure to change but not so much as to send them spinning off in alarm or confusion. As she put it another time: “Causing the right amount of trouble is an art form.”

So applicable to so many things beyond counseling!

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Excellent application of metaphor!

Posted by: Laura on August 12, 2007 at 01:38 AM

Seriously! Isn't it great? The image of the white-coated lab worker fastidiously measuring out, droplet by droplet, a dose of some reactive chemical... catalyzing a reaction...

I strongly advocate the injection of cool science words into the popular/literary imagination. Words I would use in my poetry if I wrote poetry: "feltwork", "cirrus".

Resisting urge to google: what is 'feltwork'?

And note that cirrus has a biological/botanical meaning as well as the atmospheric meaning.

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