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January 16, 2006

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Adventures in Sociology

Hey, check this out! I’ve got a blog!! Who knew??

Really I’m just momentarily retreating from hibernation to bring you two interesting links from MetaFilter. The first is a question: How much has your own attractiveness or sense thereof determined with whom you are or have been romantically involved? I always wonder about something very slightly different — how much has my sense of my own attractiveness determined what I find attractive in others?

The second is a comparison of Germany and the US, of general social attitudes on everything from transportation to privacy.

Bonus link to a giant gorgeous image of the Orion Nebula.

And pointless MeFi-related bonus story: the other day, I went to my first ever MetaFilter meetup here in downtown Minneapolis. I’ve always had a strangely awesome time whenever I’ve met folks from online communities in non-romantic contexts, and this was no exception. I had no idea what any of the other meeter-uppers would look like, only that one of them would be in a wheelchair. I had mentioned I’d be “the black guy in the MetaFilter-blue shirt.” Shortly after I arrived at the agreed-upon destination, another fellow walked in and started looking around rather uncertainly. He found his way over to me, and asked hesitantly, “Are you from MetaFilter?” And the meetup was on.

Other MeFites joined us as the night wore on. Sparkling conversation all around. Several of us exchanged business cards (I happened to have mine on me from a presentation I’d given that day). After driving home that night, I found I had a voicemail message from an unfamiliar number. “Matt,” the message said, “this is Ryan from MetaFilter. Just wanted to say, I love the fact that your car features a Saturn of Orlando license plate frame around California plates. In Minnesota.”

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