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Snark by Snarkwest: Clay Shirky


Ha, I’m totally awake now.
What I was saying is that there was an asymmetry in being Out and Proud in nowheresville and being surrounded by hostile forces, but one had the option of leaving that situation and going somewhere safer. The power dynamic was physical, and therefore it could be rectified b/c of the modern ease of migration. But now there’s an asymmetry in our ability to mine data. It’s much easier for companies to mine the internet, behind the scenes, profiling (or *mis*profiling) us than it is for us to to figure out which companies won’t do that to us.

Jake says…

I have to interrupt this line of thought for a moment, Saheli – what was that about death-syrup?

Snarkspeak for overly-subsidized high fructose corn syrup. 🙂

Wonderful live blogging and a wonderful blog.

I missed Clay’s talk in person and now I feel i got the juice from it. The experiences of creating value through sharing also gives us a sense of meaning and connection that really satisfies some of our emotional and social needs. It also can give us more of an immediate sense of feedback and accomplishment than many of us get from corporate-style day-today work.

Re; the Stonewall point I made the case for coming out as a model for the social web and the socially transformative act of publicly owning one’s sense of self at SXSW. Short talk here: (Totally Gay for the Web)

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