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New Liberal Arts Book Project Update

On my Google Docs dashboard, I have a folder called NLA Book.

In that folder, I have 24 entries, from 21 different people, on subjects that include: home economics, micropolitics, journalism, reality engineering, coding and decoding, creativity, media literacy, negotiation, play, brevity, inaccuracy, mythology, mapping, attention economics, photography, translation, urbanism, futurism, and design.

If this sounds like a book sent back in time from some slightly-wacky future, I think that is exactly the point.

The entries are quite heterogeneous, with a wide variety of voices and approaches. I think you’re going to enjoy reading them all together, and deciding which are your favorites.

We’ll use the rest of this week to finish editing the entries and begin the design of the book. Next week we’ll design in earnest, and find out about all the production details we can’t anticipate ahead of time.

And then… we print! The book is going to be between 4″×8″ and 6″×9″, a slim paperback. We’ll post the PDF, and give it a CC license so you can do interesting things with it, but there will be a couple of really good reasons to buy the book, even above and beyond the pleasant physicality of it.

I’ll keep you posted as production gets closer so you can pre-order, and/or tell your nerdy friends about it.

It’s been an exciting week as the entries have come rolling in. I wish you could see my Google Docs interface as I do right now: It’s a long list of smart collaborators (all fellow Snarkmarket readers!) whose names keep blinking to life beside their entries as they dip in to make changes, leaving funny time-stamps because they’re halfway across the world, or up all night.


Oh, can I volunteer to contribute to creativity, urbanism, or a mashup of the two (a la guerilla street art).

EC, you just gave me an awesome idea. Check your email.


LPS says…

ooo, micropolitics. i am curious to see what the take is, but i will be patient. ;]

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