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I Think I Dig This

Philips Electronics bought the first page of Time and four other magazines (space usually reserved for ads) and will put the mags’ table of contents there. Taking off the journalistic umbrage hat for a moment, purely as a reader, I would love this. And the whole Philips “Simplicity” campaign is kind of genius.


Heh. Guess who got to be baffled by the very very narrow image on the right hand side of the table contents she was proofreading, b/c that carry over strip from the front cover usually lands on an ad she would never see.

Hmmmm, I’m really grateful that Phillips is so committed to saving us from obnoxious advertising. Winning the award for major corporate dissociative identity disorder…

Ah hahahahahaha!

If I worked in the patent office I would hit that thing with my giant red ‘REJECTED – EVIL’ stamp.

Also, clearly I would be working in the awesome imaginary patent office.

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