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Film Industry Enters Late 20th Century

Starting this week, we’ll finally be able to purchase and immediately download (some) movies. The fact that we have not been able to do this until now is the best demonstration of the film industry’s idiocy. We’ve long been able to easily acquire these movies online for free, but because Hollywood is a giant, dull-witted beast, we couldn’t pay to do this legally even if we wanted to.

Before iTunes launched, I would have said selling music online was a lost cause. It was too easy to get songs for free. But the introduction of a good, comprehensive, well-organized music service which gave me fair-to-middling rights over what I purchased ended up completely winning me over. In 2005, by my count, I bought 465 songs through iTunes.

Of course, for me to start using Movielink or CinemaNow with anywhere near that fervor, they still have a looooong, long way to go:

  • The sites will have to stop redirecting me from the home page to an error message because I’m using Firefox.
  • They’re going to have to get a much, much better selection. No, I don’t want to see Transporter 2 or National Lampoon Presents Barely Legal, but thanks.
  • They’re going to have to get rid of the ultralame DRM that won’t let me burn my files to DVD.
  • They’ll have to be acquired by NetFlix, to which my heart and movie tastes already belong.

One comment

What about the news that, “may cost as much as twice what the DVD versions do and play only on a personal computer.” That’s kindof ridiculous no? and I agree with you about DRM: it’s a bad thing. I really think that the market would do better if media opened up a lot more.

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