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I’m not going to link to a single thing from, ’cause the whole site is so darn best. (If you’re into information visualization. Whoo!) But the site is filled with interesting visual experiments, most of which I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I’m surprised I haven’t run across it before.

It’s one of many wonderful links in a particularly stellar Things Magazine entry, up to and including:

Google Earth goodies of many wonderful kinds. 3D landmarks! Stereographs! And more!

Somehow more than an ad-blog.

Realize every homeowner’s dream.

And I’m not sure I understand this anecdote, but I certainly intend to repeat it:

When James Ivory entrusted Anthony Hopkins with the construction of that fantastic character, the servant in The Remains of the Day, Hopkins at a point had a problem of a conceptual nature and asked for help. Ivory advised him to talk to an old Windsor butler, an expert on the subject. Hopkins invited him to tea. They sat down and chatted for a while, but in fact, when the meeting came to an end, Hopkins had a feeling that this old servant had not told him anything. He walked him to the door and as he was about to leave, determined to extract something from the character, he blurted out, “Tell me, finally, what is a servant?” The old man turned, thought about it for a second and said, “A servant is someone who, when he walks into a room, makes it look emptier than it was before.”

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Oh dear. I think I’m experiencing a linktastic-fit of goodness. Snarktastic.

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