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My Interview with Scott McCloud

He’s awesome. Can’t say I was the most inspired interviewer, but this was fun to do.

Update (7.14.2011): I’m updating this post 6 years later because Tim Carmody pointed out that the Fresno Bee link no longer works. Try this one.

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I LOVE your graphic treatment. Save that as a Photoshop action and post it or something ’cause it looks GREAT.

Let me also note that you just became the world expert at comics rendered in CSS. Way to make that text indexable!

I even kinda like the way it ends!

Great work!

This is beautiful, Matt. Great concept, great execution.

Oh yeah, not bad journalism either 🙂

I’ve been a McCloud fan for quite a while now. As a newspaper editor, I used to think I had a good natural, intuitive sense of what made comics work, how to select them, etc. Like so many other subjects, the more I learn, the less I know. Scott’s insights really help.


I am so impressed! I want to frame and hang in the Poynter Online office area 🙂

Thanks for the comments!

Re: Photoshop stuff — I couldn’t really save it as an action because each photo required tweaking of the different filters to get it to look right. The general process (in Photoshop CS):

  • Adjust the image levels to get the right balance of contrast and color
  • Duplicate the main photo layer
  • Filter the duplicated layer with Smart Blur, with Quality set to “High” and Mode set to “Edge Only.” Play with the radius and threshold till all the features of the image you want to delineate are apparent.
  • Invert that layer, then Filter it with Artistic >> Cutout.
  • Set the layer’s blending mode to Multiply.
  • Filter the underlying layer with Smart Blur, with Quality set to “Low” and Mode set to “Normal.” Play with the radius and threshold till the colors get kind of flat and polygon-ish.
  • Duplicate that underlying layer, and filter the new duplicated layer with Pixelate >> Color Halftone. Set the mode of that top layer to Soft Light, with an opacity of ~40%.

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