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Own All 4,000+ Issues of The New Yorker

For its 80th anniversary, The New Yorker is releasing a DVD collection containing every single issue of the magazine — cover, ads, articles, cartoons, everything. Only $100.

Umm, can every publication in the world do this immediately, please? (Via Kottke.)


That’s incredible!

Those page images better be text-searchable, though.

I’ll buy this just for all of E.B. White’s old New Yorker stuff!

I’m guessing they’ll be text-searchable, if you can skip straight to the cartoons.

I dunno… the NYT article said by ‘keywords’… KEYWORDS AIN’T GONNA CUT IT, REMNICK!!

The NYT article also referred to DVDs as “digital videodiscs” — which is what the acronym refers to, yes, but who calls them that anymore? I also think the author has never heard of DVD-ROMs — “The DVDs are for use only in a computer drive, however, and will not work on a television DVD player.” And he twice pluralized DVDs by writing it “DVD’s.” Clearly these flaws demonstrate that this article can only be trusted insofar as we can assume The New Yorker actually has a plan to digitize its archives.

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