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2005 National Mag Award Finalists

All right, just like last year, here’s all the 2005 National Magazine Award finalists I could find online. Excerpts or articles behind subscription walls are in brackets (I’m not sure if all the Atlantic articles I bracketed are actually behind subscription walls; but I figured it was safer to assume, so try them even if you’re not a subscriber.)

Vanity Fair was a strong contender in the awards this year, but puts none of its content online. (At least NMA-nominated columnist James Woolcott has a blog now.) If not for The New Yorker winning 10 nods and putting most of its content online, this list would be pretty useless. In fact, I didn’t include the Photo Essay category, because The New Yorker‘s entry, “Democracy 2004” by Richard Avedon, is the only one available online.

If you come across anything I missed, add it in the comments!


Golf Digest:

The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Buddies Trip

National Geographic Adventure:

– [ Grail Trails ]

O, The Oprah Magazine:

– Attention Shoppers!



Matt says…

Recommendation: “The Last Words on Earth” from the Fiction entries. The pain of memory, an old man’s struggle with regret, a cliche-free approach to the Holocaust survivor story. Perfect for reading on a lonely, rainy afternoon.

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