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October 20, 2006

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World of Falstaff

Edward Castronova, the virtual-world economist who writes at Terra Nova, is building a Shakespeare-themed MMOG at Indiana University. It’s going to be set in “Richard III” to start. I think this sounds supercool. I just hope the aesthetics are up to snuff; too often, academic game projects are full of high-level ideas… and 1996-level graphics.

(Via 3pointD.)

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Last night, the Montague guild totally pwned the Tempest! I'm sporting Prospero's Magic Staff, which gives +17 to Int and lets me summon Caliban once/day. Tonight, we raid R^3, but first meet up in Venice next to Othello's love shack @9pm eastern if you want in!

[Nerf Bards!!!]

Ah hahahahahahahahaha :-)


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