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May 13, 2006

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Wiicked Cool

Went to E3, the big video game show, on Thursday. First thing in the morning I rushed to meet up with Kevin in line for the Nintendo booth.

Well worth the wait. The Wii controller is really well-designed, and although its current implementations — in everything from tennis to the new Zelda — are all fun and interesting, the coolest thing to me is that you can sense there’s something even crazier waiting around the corner.

Here’s Kevin on Wario Ware, which does a good job showing off some of the bizarre-o different ways you can use the controller:

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Wii is a hilarious Englishish word, and I can't fucking wait to get my hands on it! Imagine the implications of Wii Pong! I'd love to be able to mix this into our video podcast but YouTube sucks. Upload your video to or some other free hosting service that doesn't horde content, and keeps the .mp4 free!

Note -- though I know it's not ideal to have an .flv for editing purposes.

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