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November 23, 2004

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Where is the Xbox's Pauline Kael?

Terra Nova is with me: There’s not enough video game criticism.

This last graf is interesting, if convoluted:

But it’s an interesting cart-and-horse problem. Do you get a compelling and widespread form of mainstream games criticism only when the demographic of a national population that plays games becomes less isolated, or could the commitment of journalistic resources to developing a games criticism that matches the breadth, relative depth or resource base of film criticism help to write games more visibly into national narratives of popular culture, in line with their economic significance?

I recall someone telling me recently — who was it? — that film writing began a lot earlier than we generally realize. Even back in the silent film era, in the earliest part of this century, people were publishing little newsletters with film synopses and recommendations.

And I guess that’s about equivalent to the video game journalism we have today… jeez, are we only in the silent film era of video games? Is that heartening or scary?

If Halo 2 is like The Jazz Singer, what’s the video game Citizen Kane going to be like? Or Star Wars? Dang!

*Note the absence of quote marks or italics around any of the movie or video game titles. I’ve decided I’m done with that junk. It’s all plain capitalization from here on out. I know you were wondering.

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The preferred style for film titles, like book titles, is italics (with first-letter of each word caps, at least for American movies). With video games, I'd say either quotes or italics would be fine.

I don't think we'll have an answer until the next Chicago Manual of Style -- which is to say, around 2046.

Although there might not be a Pauline Kael of video game criticism, there is a Romenesko. Or Dan Okrent, however you want to look at it. He's a self-styled Video Game Ombudsman, a project he began as a college assignment, and hopes, apparently, to parlay into a job.

He's also a founding member of the International Gmae Journalists Association. Which is not incredibly active, but a nice idea.

That's a link I'd been meaning to post for quite some time. Well worth bookmarking, if you want help in finding interesting writing about video games.

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