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January 6, 2005

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Time to Level Up

I’ve talked before about the dearth of good video game criticism; here’s a great article on the subject from Westword, via Romenesko. Michael Roberts talks to leaders in the field (there are like, three) and closes with this kicker:

“People ask, ‘Where’s the Lester Bangs of video-game criticism?’” he says. “And I’m starting to think that might be the wrong question. Video games are a different kind of medium, and they need to be covered in a different way. We can’t just borrow all of its idiom from film and rock criticism. But it should aspire to the same kind of quality that critics like Pauline Kael and Robert Christgau established.

“I see the association as being an expression of game journalism maturing,” he adds. “We’re trying to do something grown-up with it.”

The article has a link to The Video Game Ombudsman, a site I’ve seen before but was happy to be reminded of.

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