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December 23, 2005

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Snapshot from the Uncanny City

What’s wrong with this photograph? (Answer in the extended entry.)

It’s not a photograph at all. It’s a screengrab from the Xbox 360 game Project Gotham Racing 3. That’s right.

Posted December 23, 2005 at 10:59 | Comments (7) | Permasnark
File under: Briefly Noted, Video Games


Hmm, and here I thought was was wrong was that the link was broken. :-)

Hmm. Right you are. Should be all better now.

Nope. The hotlink is redirecting to Google now.

Perhaps you should mirror the image here at Snarkmarket?

Grr. Arrgh. Done.

From reading the Bizarre site, it sounds like not only is the detail incredible, but it's also authentic; i.e., NYC really has a street that looks essentially like that. Not being from NYC, but being the ultimate dorkchild, I resorted to A9:
Have an orgasm. (spam filter be damned!)
Can't help but figure that the game blogger purposely chose an image with easily legible addresses.

The question that nags at the back of my mind is that if the game designers put this much detail into others of their "200 city-based tracks" then

  1. That must have taken more man hours to code than Windows 98

  2. Maybe they should be talking to A9, the NSA, et al. about their ability to provide a detailed wireframe model of 200 major US cities.

Ask a silly question... Apparently "outsourcing" is the answer to how they were able to get so many polygons into their game. Good work Microsoft!

Also, Matt or Robin feel free to kludge the failed formatting attempts that I put into the last post. Assuming it offends your sensibilities as it does mine :).

Wasn't your fault, Peter, it was a stylesheet problem, now fixed. Yeah, juxtaposed with the A9 image, this thing is all the more amazing. Excuse me, I'm going to go live in my Xbox now.

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