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May 23, 2005

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Another entry in the Everything Bad Is Good for You file, this one noted by Chad Capellman over at morph:

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Johan Santana, he of the 2004 AL Cy Young Award and a ridiculously dominant recent record for the Minnesota Twins, prepares for opponents by locking himself in a room and playing PlayStation.

As reported in the recent issue of Sports Illustrated:

Either the night before or on the morning of the game, he’ll check out the lineup of the team he’s facing, take in how the hitters have done against him. Then, alone on his bed, he’ll pick up his PlayStation Portable, plug in the team he’ll soon be pitching against for real, and go to work. …

“Believe it or not, sometimes I see things in video games that will come true,” Santana says. “Particularly in the last year. They’re coming up with some good games, so realistic — the stats are so accurate, and you can go from there. I’m sure a lot of players will agree with what I’m saying. Because it gives you ideas. I see the scouting reports, though I don’t go by that, and in these video games you can see what the hitters have, how to approach them. It’s pretty cool.

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