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September 2, 2006

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'Impossible' Romances

Oh, this is incredibly sweet: MMO demographics overlord Nick Yee has a new report about real-world relationships that began in games like Everquest and WoW. It’s more narrative journalism than dry survey, honestly, and it’s one of the most fascinating windows into relationships, not just games, that I have gotten in a long time.

Check out this page in particular, about the subtle virtues of the MMO environment:

As other players point out, working together through crises reveals much more about another person than going to the movies with them. Watching how someone interacts with others in different social settings (under different amounts of stress) and how they work through problems can be very character-revealing.

I found that the way people acted to me in-game was usually the way they acted towards me and others in real life. EQ was a great way to see how a potential partner treated others. [WoW, F, 22]

And then there’s the notion that many of these relationships are “impossible” — that is, if the couple had met in real life first, nothing would have happened. More here and here.

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