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February 19, 2006

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Games That Make You Jump and Yell

In a presentation about games and stories, Kim Plowright cites an amazing video game moment:

The second is from Metal Gear Solid, where an apparently psychic character controls your ally/girlfriend, who starts shooting at you. He then starts reading your mind. The game reads your console memory, and Psycho Mantis [the psychic] makes snarky comments about other games you play. He then controls your character — only by unplugging your controller and putting it into the other port can you defeat him. So you get up, in the real world, off the sofa, and break the fourth wall.

That is so cool.

And along similar lines, let me warn you right now NEVER to play the computer game F.E.A.R. I tried the first level late at night at Minus Kelvin’s place and it freaked me OUT. (Here’s the secret: As you explore a dark, scary warehouse, you never actually encounter any bad guys. All you see, the entire time, is fleeting shadows… and all you hear is footsteps in the next room. Creeeeeepy.)

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Psycho Mantis: definitely a favorite video game moment. He also tells you to "put your controller on the floor" so that he can demonstrate his telekinetic abilities by activating the controller's vibration to make it scuttle around your living room. You must also try hard to imagine the hilarious voice acting in order to properly recreate this in your mind...

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