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August 4, 2009

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We already know how much I love Final Fantasy IV and its immortal score. So even though this appeared on MeFi weeks ago, it’s clear that it would find its way here eventually:

The geniuses over at OverClocked ReMix have given FFIV the full OCReMix treatment — an entire album of Final Fantasy songs, re-imagined in something other than midi. My first love, the “Red Wings Theme,” has been transformed into “Full of Courage.” (Incidentally, I think “Full of Courage” is a very valiant attempt, but it sadly neglects the song’s longing in favor of its bombast; it’s like John Williams’ take on Nobuo Uematsu.)

The album’s available as a free download, natch. Let me say it again: I LOVE the Internet.

Posted August 4, 2009 at 10:07 | Comments (2) | Permasnark
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Oh. my god.

You always described it better than I did, Matt: FFIV was everything. Mystery, fate, adventure, discovery, surprise, betrayal, the father/son thing, the sibling thing. It was Shakespeare.

I am downloading this right nowwwwwww

Robin, have you played the new Nintendo DS version of FFIV yet? (I've been working my way up to buying it, but I haven't finished FFIII yet.)

And in a somewhat related fantasy-land topic, what are the chances that the material posted to "Console Club" ages ago still exists? I've kicked myself for ages for not archiving the writing I did on FF "II" (Which I played from beginning to end for the first time on an SNES emulator.)

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