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January 11, 2005

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Board Game Bonanza


Hey! The Morning News did a round-up of the best board games of 2004 back in December and I totally missed it.

The game called “Hansa” sounds super-fun:

“Participants play the role of merchants, buying and selling wares as they sail the Baltic Sea. The catch is that all the players are on the same boat and take turns determining where the ship sails. Hansa is a highly tactical game, and every turn is a tiny logic problem to be solved.”

Buying and selling wares as they sail the Baltic Sea, people! Every turn is a tiny logic problem to be solved!!

Clicking around some of the article’s links, I found this card game: Knock Knock. It looks fun, too. But mostly I just love the rock-and-roll ghost in the middle of the page, reproduced here to add visual interest to this otherwise marginal post.

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Sweet! The unofficial boardgame club will have to try some of these out.

I shake my head at you.

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