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April 20, 2004

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The Man in Black


Sometimes dorkdom conquers reason.

If I were a rational movie-goer, I wouldn’t waste eight bucks on “Star Wars: Episode III” in May 2005, because Episodes I and II were boring and lame.

(Well, actually, if I were a rational movie-goer, I wouldn’t be talking about movies that aren’t coming out until 2005 at all. But, yeah.)

Clearly, some sort of Lucasian culture module was implanted in my brain early in life, because when I see a story about the first glimpses of Darth Vader, the disappointment of the first two movies evaporates and I am filled only with geeky anticipation.

Darth Vader. Of all the mythology-lite characters in Star Wars, he is the most archetypal. He’s our Cronus, the deposer and the deposed. And, come on! “Darth Vader”! Dark Father! He might as well be named Primordial Ancestor of Power. Jeez.

(Thanks to Julie for the tip!)

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