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June 27, 2007

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My Favorite Muppet

Snarkmarket pal Chris Fong saw Gonzo (and, okay, his puppeteer Dave Goelz) speak at the Yerba Buena Center here in SF. He edited together a little video and it is pretty cool.

AND — crucial Muppet-viewing advice — it’s more fun it you drag a window over Goelz (sorry, Dave) so you just see Gonzo sitting there by himself.

Er, itself.

Posted June 27, 2007 at 11:10 | Comments (1) | Permasnark
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Camilla is a female chicken, so unless Gonzo is a lesbian or intersex, I think "himself" is accurate. Lot of interracial muppet love, but not too many lesbians, huh? Bert and Ernie notwithstanding.

I was wondering if I should get myself to the muppet thing at Yerba Buena. Many thanks for the video!

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