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April 29, 2007

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The Atlantic Rides Again

The Atlantic Monthly, along with Wired, was basically my introduction to the awesome interestingness of the world. So I am happy to see it making some smart new moves on the web:


With the exception of Sullivan, who I never really got into, this is the beginning of my ideal blog lineup. Yglesias, Douthat, and Fallows are all well worth your time.

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I went to college with two of those guys, and suddenly I feel like an underachiever.

Please. Snarkmarket:2007::The Atlantic:1857.

So... wait 150 years, so someone else can make all the money?

Me, I went to college with Fallows and Sullivan. We all looked up to David Halberstam, who was two years ahead of us. (It was an all-boys school.)

Our favorite professors were William James, Francesca Petrarca, and Gauss.

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