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January 23, 2008

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Adrian, Wilson and co. have launched Everyblock, a mashup of several information sources down to the block level for different cities (currently Chicago, New York and San Francisco). The site is very pretty, especially the maps, and as you would expect, there’s fun data hidden beneath every click. But it’s otherwise hard for me to evaluate how cool it is, since I don’t live in any of the included cities. How about it, residents?

Update: One surprise … no RSS feeds? (Except this one.)

Update 2: Rex reminds me … Poynter Online interview w/ Adrian (which is how I found out it launched).

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We've got RSS feeds for every block (no pun intended!) -- but they're currently broken for NYC, which I'm fixing right now.

You make a good point about it being hard to evaluate if you don't live there. In our informal preview tests, the most positive feedback we got was from people who actually live in the cities we cover. With data this local, it's tough to judge from afar. :)

Ah, there they are. (I was searching in the neighborhood view.)

SF resident here: It's fantastic.

Honestly I think my favorite thing so far is the 'not sure what you're looking for?' on the SF home page. So compassionate! So human! So... un-Google! Yeah, as a matter of fact, I have *no idea* what I'm looking for. I'm delighted that in this first incarnation EveryBlock is a great question-answerer AND a great question-prompter.

And the design is sublime. Note especially the awesome inline graphing, e.g.

Our guy Gerard is crushing on you guys right now. He dropped a multi-link in our Hypertext Bazaar today. Check us out - All the best! tjc


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