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June 3, 2005

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BBC on Steroids

Apparently people have been going nuts with the BBC API BBC’s RSS feeds. The BBC Backstage blog (“Use our stuff to build your stuff”) is currently blowing my mind just a tad. Bayesian news filtering!! Extract names and places from stories! News maps galore!

All of it is hella beta, but also scrumptious. Why is the BBC so awesome?

Posted June 3, 2005 at 4:29 | Comments (2) | Permasnark
File under: Briefly Noted, Journalism


There aren't any official BBC APIs yet. The projects mentioned above just use the BBC's RSS feeds (which have been around for years) and/or screen-scraping to accomplish their magic.

Granted, RSS feeds could be considered an API, but that's debatable.

(I noted this in a comment on the site you linked to, but I figured I'd bring it up here, too, for the sake of accuracy.)

Duly noted, thanks Adrian. And a good reminder to Snarketeers not in the know that I hardly ever know what I'm talking about.

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