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April 29, 2007

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Sunday of Wonders

I. Jan Chipchase is a kind of design ethnographer, traveling the world to see how people actually use things in their everyday lives. He takes wonderful pictures along the way — always with unusual perspectives. He’s in Turkey now:


II. I am not entirely clear on the nature of this competition, but I like the winners, especially John Klein, whose work reminds me of Zaha Hadid’s:


III. Apparently, we’ve found the Fortress of Solitude — note the tiny, tiny person in the lower left:


IV. French kids in free fall — literally:


(Via Photojojo.)

V. Finally: All that is solid melts into, er, a mess. It’ll be slow going in the Bay Area for a while:


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The photo of the melted expressway reminds me of something the 9/11 conspiracy theorists say -- that the temperature in the building couldn't have melted the steel frame of the WTC buildings. Obviously, the girders don't have to become completely liquid to completely lose their structural integrity -- and any kind of gasoline fire, if it burns long enough, will seriously fuck your shit up.

So you concede that Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales must have snuck into the WTC to start the gasoline fire on 9/11!

What is freaking me out about that photo is how the white stripes are still on the melted, wilted roadway.

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