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April 9, 2004

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Gaystation 2

The point didn’t need to be argued, but I was trying it anyway. I was attempting to illustrate my point to Robin that tech is the beat of the future — technology increasingly informs everything we journalists journal, from the environment to foreign policy to … gay marriage.

Only I was getting stuck on gay marriage. What does technology have to do with gay marriage? I briefly considered making a point about how maybe they’ll come up with a way for men to have babies, but I thought better of it.

Fortunately, Snarkmarket-approved blogger and top-notch techie Clive Thompson has a much better imagination than I do — and a better video game collection. He writes in Slate today about video games featuring same-sex unions.

Having created at least half-a-dozen gay Sims in my day, I’m definitely looking forward to some groom-on-groom action in The Sims 2. Er…

Thompson takes it one step further with a glance at the long, wonderful history of console cross-dressing.

How is it that the average gamer, whom I tend to think of as an adolescent boy (and thus casually homophobic by default), is so open-minded about the sexuality of his pixelated avatar?

There’s an excellent fraywatch on the topic as well.

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