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January 22, 2008

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The Atlantic Rides Again

The Atlantic, favorite magazine of my middle youth, was kinda lame for a while there, but it’s been getting good again — a fact that had been bumming me out because, of course, I couldn’t link to the subscriber-only stories.

Until today.

So let us celebrate the magazine’s resurgence and web-savvy with a couple of pointers:

  • The new James Fallows piece on China is exactly what got me into the Atlantic in the first place: Themes of politics and economics, hugely abstract ideas, giant global actors and their dilemmas, etc. I love it that there’s none of the usual attempt to concrete-ize and personalize here: No narrative intro with a factory worker in China, for instance. The only narrative in the piece involves the voyage of a U.S. dollar to China and back. I could not love it more.
  • Caitlin Flanagan’s piece about Katie Couric was the last one I read in this issue, and I almost didn’t read it at all. Thank goodness my train was slow, because it was a revelation, in large part because it’s as much about Caitlin Flanagan as it is about Katie Couric. Beautifully written, too: Flanagan is a great storyteller and has perfect “tone control,” if you know what I mean.
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I bought the Atlantic this morning just to digest the Fallows piece over lunch.

I have never read a Caitlin Flanagan article that didn't make me end up kinda loathing Caitlin Flanagan. A lot. (With usually some transference of loathing onto the Atlantic for employing this woman.) So here's hoping this Katie Couric thing is an exception, because I also seem to always end up reading Caitlin Flanagan's articles.

Uh-oh. I'm sort of waiting with bated breath now.

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I must go read the Caitlin Flanagan now--thanks for the link, because I'd pretty much given up on The Atlantic (without William Langewiesche, what's the point?). I know it's hot to hate Flanagan, but she always makes me laugh. Sometimes at her, sometimes with her, who cares? I can always use the laugh.

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